Bunnahabhain 1987 Bottled by Maltbarn

71407Photo courtesy of Whiskybase Shop

Bunnahabhain is a bit of an oddity. Located on the island of Islay, a place known for it’s heavily peated whiskies, the majority of Bunnahabhain’s malts are very lightly peated or not peated at all. They do make some fantastic whisky though.

This lovely specimen is an independent bottling by the dutch bottler Maltbarn. There are many many independent bottlings of Bunnahabhain and they usually don’t disappoint.

Aged 28 years, 48.6%ABV, Matured in a single sherry cask, no colour added, no chill filtration and bottled at cask strength.

Nose: Still a little malt in here. Honey. Sawdust. Gooseberries. Woodglue. Quite floral. Apple crumble. Slight musty book note (tired sherry casks).

Palate: Dry wood. Some juicy but bitter fruits, plums, apples. Dry grass. Floral notes again. A slight herbal note, maybe some light menthol. Then brine.

Finish: Long. Salty. Dry wood. Lingering woodspice. Green tea.

Rating: Don’t try this

Global VFM: 1/5

Local VFM: N/A

This was a lot more Highlandish than what I expect from Bunnahabhain, this feels like a very tired cask, but it works well here somehow, however considering that this costs around 220 Euros there are better aged Bunnahabhains at a better price.




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