Bunnahabhain 12 Years Old


I have a backlog of tasting notes for over 200 whiskies so I’m going to slowly be posting them here. My blog wouldn’t feel like my blog without one of my favourites, a true classic and quite honestly one of the best bang for your buck bottles out there.

I’d known about Bunnahabhain for a while before trying it but I always saw it as a bit of an outlier. It’s from Islay, but not peaty (well peated to about 8ppm). So I’d always skip over it in favour of something peated or an unpeated dram from a other region. This all changed one day when I went to get something completely different but it was out of stock.

The guy at the store asked me a few questions about what I like and basically said “I can’t make you buy it, but if you get the Bunnahabhain 12 you’ll be very happy”.

And so I got this fantastic dram and fell in love with it and the distillery.

Notes from 02/02/15

Aged 12 years, 46.3% ABV, Non-chill filtered and no colour added

Nose: Was a bit strong right away, left it to sit for about 10min. Caramelised biscuits. Floral. Black Cherries. Molasses. Maple Syrup. Raisins. Sea Spray. Maybe just a tiny little hint of peat lurking in a dark corner at the back.

Palate: Spicy charred woods, cinnamon & oak. Christmas Pudding. Sherry. Maybe even a few hints of a good brandy. Almonds, almost amaretto. Brine. Don’t usually comment on mouthfeel but this really warms up the whole mouth.

Finish: This really blew me away here, a really deep long sherry finish. Bit of that cough syrup that tasted really good when i was a kid, really sits in the lungs and warms you up.

Rating: Buy this

Global VFM: 5/5

Local VFM: 4/5

This dram is rich and oily. It has a huge presence with loads of dark fruity and nutty notes. Quality craftsmanship and quality casks here. Profoundly complex for a 12 year old and best of all affordable and widely available. If you haven’t tried it yet you should.


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