Alberta Premium Dark Horse


Posted on Reddit 31/01/16

I got a sample of this from TOModera through the reddit swapping community. Until then my experience with Canadian whisky was made up largely of the stuff available everywhere, namely Seagram’s VO, Crown Royal and Canadian Club. Needless to say this was not a good impression.

I have a very good Canadian friend, who is about as Canadian as maple syrup on a hockey stick, and he always said that they export all the crap and keep the good stuff for themselves. I always told him he was lying, apparently I was wrong.

No Age Statement. 45%ABV. Vatting of 92%Rye whisky, 8% Corn whisky and a little bit of sherry (up to 5% of Canadian whisky needn’t be whisky)*

*That’s not the mashbill, this was vatted after distillation.

Nose: Vanilla. Wood spice. Quite fruity. Juicy red grapefruit. Plums. Apricots. Orange peel. Slight hint of nutty sherry.

Palate: Light wood. Rye spice bouquet. Citrus, oranges and grapefruit. A really nice wave of rich wood on the swallow.

Finish: Medium. Bitter wood and rye spices with a wave of dark fruits and citrus coming and going.

Rating: Try this

Global VFM: 4/5 (in Canada)

Local VFM: N/A

Wow. This was some good stuff. Not fantastic, but really good, solid whisky, hits a lot of notes and hits them hard. And it costs peanuts to boot! This really changed my mind about Canadian whisky.


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