Springbank 16 Local Barley


It’s no small secret that Springbank is one of my favourite distilleries. There’s a certain oily, leathery character to their whiskies which I love. Springbank is an independent disitllery which is great because their entire operation from malting to bottling is done on site and their whiskies are very much made for whisky lovers. No colouring or chill filtration here. They also use fantastic casks. Unfortunately this means they are quite sought after and  tad pricey, and sadly unavailable here on the local market.

This is a limited release of whisky made using locally grown barley, meaning that the entire process of production from barley to bottle was done in Campbeltown. There were previous local barley releases which were supposed to have been fantastic and this very much rested on that reputation, which sadly meant that the bottles released were snatched up in an instant and are now being flipped at around 250 Euros on auction (as opposed to around 115 Euros when released on the retail market). This became an ‘investment whisky’, a pet peeve of mine as the majority of people purchasing these will probably not be drinking them. But I’ll write a proper rant about that in a separate post.

Aged 16 years. 54.3%ABV. No colour added, non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength.

Nose: Ethanol, needs a little glass time. Once that happened: Herbal Springbank funk. Buttered toast. Honey and malt. Slight floral note. Mineral notes, like wet stones in the sun. Indistinct wood oils. Dried woods. Light fruits, apples, pears, bit of pomelo. Slight figgy note (PX?)

Palate: Immediate hit of malt and honey, then a bigger hit of light fruits, apple, peach, apricot jam, grapefruit. This flows into a big floral note and finally some light earthy peat, fruit leather and salt.

Finish: Long. Slightly soapy. Dry wood. Light fruits. Flowers. Woodspice. Slight saltiness lingers.

Rating: Try it (Would be buy it if that were still realistically possible)

Global VFM: 3/5 (Retail price)

Local VFM: N/A

This was a damn good whisky, it had a lot of the Springbank signature notes but some interesting extras as well. Astoundingly complex. I couldn’t find much regarding the casks used but I can tell they were mainly refill, probably to focus on the spirit, which was fantastic. Unfortunately this was a tad pricey even at retail price and now it’s nowhere near worth what it’s going for on auction. But if you come across a sample or someone is offering you have to try it, simply brilliant.


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