Talisker 10 Years Old


Notes from 01/04/15

This is another classic dram. The 10 year old from Talisker is quite well known and recognised and usually comes up when talking about getting into peated whiskies. This is a Diageo owned distillery from the Isle of Skye. 10 years might seem a bit young (or not so much in this era of non-age statement whiskies we’re currently in) but the peaty character of a whisky fades with maturation, so if you like something with an aggressive, smokey profile, it’s a solid age.

Aged 10 years. 45.8%ABV. 

Nose: Burning grass. A strong salty herbal note. Smoked meat. Dirty smoke like from an oil fire. Salted fish and seaweed. Hint of camomile. Wet wood. Anise. Spearmint leaves. A malty floral note. Rubber. Apples. Creme Brulee (because it has that burned creamy note). Smells like the remains of a Viking raid.

Palate:  Dirty, thick smoke. Charred wood. Earth. Rich medicinal herbs. Lots of salt and seaweed. Smoked fish. More Vikings.

Finish: Long lingering salt and smoke. Almost a smoked salmon note with a bit of wood. Hemp rope.

Rating: Buy this

Global VFM: 4/5

Local VFM: 3/5

This is one of my absolute favourites, I usually have a bottle in my cabinet. I really love the smoke profile on this, minus the heavy medicinal notes common in the Islay whiskies. I’ve tried many other taliskers but this is my favourite expression the older Taliskers are fantastic too, but they’ve lost that really special aggressive, smokey character that is so abundant here.


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