Singleton of Dufftown 12 – Blind


It’s that time of year again. One of our local alcohol forums is holding their annual blind tasting competition. This is the second year that I’m participating and the first time round was a real eye opener.

I tried things I thought I’d like but didn’t, found new aromas and flavours in whiskies I’d tried several times before and was introduced to some really amazing new drams. This was the first whisky in the lot. From the Dufftown distillery, largely used as a component in blends.

Aged 12 years, 40%ABV

Nose: Sponge cake with vanilla icing. Oranges. Honey. Bit of a coconut note. Mild citrus flowers. Stewed fruits. Light woodspice.

Palate: Woodspice. Quite bland. Mild stewed fruits and some bitter wood.

Finish: Medium. Spice and a little soap. Dry woodiness.

Rating: Don’t try this

Global VFM: 2/5

Local VFM: 2/5

I’ve tried the 15 year old expression of this before and found it quite boring. Same goes for this one. My initial guess was Cardhu 12, not too far off. Malts like this are made largely for the blend market and really hold little appeal as a single malt, there are far more interesting things out there at this price point, even as an introductory malt.


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