Booker’s Bourbon


Reviewed on reddit on 09/08/2015

I sometimes dabble in bourbon but for the longest time found the range of profiles to be somewhat small and  it was just the occasional indulgence, usually when I was at a bar and a decent bourbon is the same price as a bad scotch whisky. But then I discovered the premium bourbons and that all changed.

This is a small batch bottling from Jim Beam, originally begun as a series of personal bottlings by their late master distiller Booker Noe. Bottled at cask strength and un-chill filtered, this is quite different from the standard fare.

This was the first cask strength bourbon I ever tried and it really blew me away. It really felt like a concentrated dose of everything one expects to find in a good bourbon.

Aged 7 years. 63.25%ABV. Batch  C87-B-19. Un-chillfiltered and bottled at cask strength.

Nose: Rich vanilla cream. Toasted oak. Caramel candies. A spicy note (savory like Indian cooking, not hot). Dry grassy notes. Sawdust.

Palate: Thick nutty cream. Rich vanilla. Dry oak. More dry grass with some floral notes. Woodspice. Bitter chocolate. Bitter citrus. Bit of a full-bodied red wine note.

Finish: Long. Sweet vanilla. Bitter oak. More of that red winey note. Woodspice. Toast.

Rating: Buy this

Global VFM: 3/5

Local VFM: 2/5

This one felt like drinking a distilled tree, wood, sap, flowers, fruit and all. It was quite lovely. A bit expensive but well worth it in this case.


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