Ledaig 10


Reviewed on reddit on 24/10/15

Meet Ledaig (pronounced Lechig because Gaelic). Ledaig is a lesser known whisky. It’s not obscure, you can find it quite easily, but no one makes much noise about it. It’s the peated malt from Tobermory distillery on the Isle of Mull. I’d seen Tobermory around over the years, never paid it much attention, maybe a little attention in the case of their 15yo expression’s cool box, but never come to buy any.

Ledaig however was a total outlier. I first tried some at a local wine shop (The Wine Route) who usually have a few open promotion bottles and if you’re a regular customer, they can be quite liberal with how much you can taste. I was expecting the usual peated version of a usually unpeated whisky where it sits awkwardly somewhere between smoky and sweet. This was different, this was good at being peaty. It’s also non-chill filtered, and cheap. Could there be a more wonderful combination?

Aged 10 years. 46.3%ABV. No colourant added and non-chill filtered.

Nose: Salty seaside breeze. Earthy peat. Green Apples. Custard. Rubber. Unsmoked cigars (the smell that hits you when you open a humidor). Lemon drops. Bit of ash, but very refined. Some honey porridgey notes show up after a bit.

Palate: Big dollop of earthy peat. Some lemon rind. Thick, creamy porridge. Lots of salt. Peppery spice. Engine oil.

Finish: Medium-long, Lingering rubber and smoke, some earthy notes. Some wood char and sweet toffee as well.

Rating: Buy this

Global VFM: 4/5

Local VFM: 4/5 (5/5 with some of the sale prices I’ve seen)

This is a fantastic dram, lots of peat but some other influences too. I feel like 10 years is the perfect age for this stuff. Recommended for any Islayphile.


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