Glenlivet 16 Nadurra


I mentioned a few posts back how one of the local alcohol forums is having a blind tasting competition. I’m doing quite dismally this year, whereas last year I did quite well. I had a feeling this would happen and I’d like to share why, and of course share my tasting notes with you.

Last year I was only just getting into trying and tasting single malts. I’d been drinking whisky for a very long time (since before I should have been :p ), but while I was a student (and before some major tax reforms here), I could only afford to keep about 2 or 3 bottles on hand, so I just bought stuff I’d already tried and knew was good. So by the time last year’s competition came around I’d only tried about 25-30 whiskies, so most of my guesses were shots in the dark and that worked pretty well.

This time round I’ve tasted over 200 whiskies, so when I try and make my guess my mind starts playing tricks on me. “Oh, peat, probably Islay, but….. could be Ledaig” and so forth. Regardless I’m still having a great time. Anyone who gets the chance to participate in such a competition should. For newcomers it’s a great chance to learn about your tastes and try some new whiskies, and for more experienced whisky drinkers, it’s a good chance to get more in touch with your base senses and remind you what you like and don’t like (and to eat a little humble pie).

This particular whisky is from batch 0712U, bottled in 2012.

Aged 16 years. 55.5%BV. Matured in 1st fill bourbon casks. Bottled without chill filtration and at cask strength.

Nose: At first some spirit, needs a little glass time. Hit of tropical fruits and flowers with a mineral note (like wet stone in the sun). Some pine sap and fennel. Fresh paper. Soft peaches. Bit of melon. Woody vanilla.

Palate:  Thick mouthfeel. Coconut ice. Canned pineapple. Tropica. Bit of bitter wood. Lots of woodspice. Cinnamon. Cayenne pepper. Some sweet vanilla and gooseberries on the swallow.

Finish: Long. Tropical fruits. Very bitter wood. Vanilla. Mild salty note.

Rating: Try this.

Global VFM: 3/5

Local VFM: N/A

I really didn’t pick up the age of strength of this one. I felt a little intensity on the nose but chalked it up to it being a young spirit. I have tried the 16 year old Nadurra once before and didn’t really like it, and still not a fan, despite this being a good batch, but that’s just down to my tastes. I guessed it was a Glencadam 10.



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