Kilchoman Loch Gorm – Blind


Trilobite for scale

This is the 10th whisky that came up in the Tapuz Forum blind tasting competition and another one I’ve tried before (never made notes though) and got completely wrong. I decided to just send in the very first whisky that came into my head as my guess. The first whisky was Ledaig 10 so that didn’t work so well, at least I got some points for ABV.

This is from Kilchoman, one of the newest distilleries on Islay (and the newest up until very recently), founded in 2005 right at the start of the current whisky boom (good timing because who knows if the distilleries just starting out now will have good stuff ready by the time the bubble bursts).

Loch Gorm is sherry matured spirit, aged to around 5 years. While the bottle doesn’t carry a bold age statement, the years of distillation and bottling are on there and kudos to Kilchoman for that. This distillery’s stuff is a fine example of how whisky doesn’t need to be super aged to be good.

Aged 5 years. 46%ABV. Matured in fresh Oloroso butts. No colourants added and non-chill filtered.

Nose: Ash. Mineral peat. Iodine. Something else in the back, not sure what. Gunpowder sherry. Aggressive nose but not high ABV. Salt. Tear gas. Lemon peel. Charred fruits.

Palate: Ashy. Mineral peat. Salt. Charred wood. Tar. Pine sap.

Finish: Long. Oil smoke. Tar. Coal dust. Bitter wood and some dark cough syrup.

Rating: Buy this

Global VFM: 3/5

Local VFM: 3/5

This whisky had this oil smoke and farmy note that I usually associate with Ledaig, Kilchoman or a young Laphroaig. But Ledaig came first into my head so that was my guess. I really did not pick up on the sherry here, even if I had guessed Kilchoman I would not have thought it was the Loch Gorm, which is odd because when I tried it before and knew what I was drinking I did pick up the sherry. Just goes to show how much we rely on external information when drinking whisky. Although in hindsight I should have at least suspected some sherry influence from my notes (Charred fruits, cough syrup). Still a fantastic dram, recommended for the hardcore peat heads out there.


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