Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen


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While most of what I write about here is whisky, I do like other things, and one of those other things is beer. I’m from South Africa originally and beer is a big thing there, kind of mandatory at any Sunday family Braai (barbecue). Just to note, these are not thorough tasting notes like I do with whisky, I’ve never been big into tasting beer so much as just enjoying a pint here and there.

This lovely stuff is from Bamberg in Germany, where one of the local styles is Rauchbier, or Smoked beer. At least part of the malt used is smoked so it’s quite an interesting twist on classic German style beers.

I first encountered their more popular version, a Marzen lager several years ago at a local shop but then never saw it again. I was at a beer store the other day where they had the full range from this brewery and picked up this one. It’s a top fermented ale made using a combination of smoked barley malt and unsmoked wheat malt.

Wheat Ale, 5.2%ABV from Brauerei Heller, Bamberg Germany.

Appearance: Little to no head. Opaque, dark brown colour. Very little CO2 bubbles.

Smell: Right away some smoked meat, particularly wurst. Also a bit of a light fruity and grassy note.

Taste: Light body, but a lot of carbonation once it hits the tongue. More smoked meats, a bit of a wood note and some grassy herbs. Wheat profile shows through a bit here. Bit of a bitter coppery note at the end.

This was quite a full beer,but felt a bit to gassy once I drank it. The smoked meats were lovely but it left my mouth feeling a little dry and my stomach a little bloated. Definitely not good for accompanying a meal, but it can just be the meal on its own.


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