Benromach 10


Originally reviewed on reddit: 07/07/15

This is the new version of the Benriach 10 year old, the core expression from the Gordon & MacPhail owned distillery. It’s won quite a lot of praise over the last year or so. It’s got quite a bit of everything in here, light peat, ex-bourbon casks and ex-sherry casks. It really is a fantastic example of how older is not better.

I only got round to trying it after I had gotten to know the 100 proof. My friend Yosi kindly swapped a sample of this for something (forgot what), and he mentioned it might be quite different.

Aged 10 years. 43%ABV. No colourant added and non-chill filtered

Nose: Very woody dry sherry. Fennel. Tobacco, unlit. Treated leather. Candy apple. Smoked meat. Apple sauce. Aromatic coffee. Pine sap.

Palate: Bitter wood. Dry sherry. Char. Chewy gristly meat. Vanilla. Toffee. Fennel. Mud.

Finish: Long. Dry sherry and a rich long woody note with some slight undulating smoke.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 4/5

This really was a little different from the 100 proof, I felt the dry sherry influence here a hell of a lot more. It might even be due to slightly different casking, I’ve heard something to that effect but nothing confirmed.

This is a stunning dram with a great flavour profile. It really demonstrates everything good whisky has to offer and is well deserving of its praise. The only reason I didn’t get a bottle of this is because there’s a 57%ABV version available as well.


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