Benromach 15


Originally reviewed on reddit: 14/08/15

Last year Benromach released a 15 year expression to add the their core range and build on the success of their highly praised 10 year old. Given how much I loved the 10 year old I had to try this one too. Thankfully Michael (who is a far more experienced blogger than I) came to the rescue and gave me a sample in exchange for some of my Benromach 5 year old (more on that in the next post).

Aged 15 Years. 46%ABV. No colourant added and non-chillfiltered.

Nose: Fruity, dirty sherry. Plums. Raspberry drink powder. Sticky wood, pine cones. Smoke. Chilli. Cacao powder. Some vegetal peat shows up after a while in the glass.

Palate: Treated leather, very dominant. Vegetal peat. Prickly pears. Red fruits. Cinnamon on the swallow.

Finish: Long. Very woody. Hints of unsmoked tobacco. Coppery note. Citrus spray. More leather. Bitter chocolate.

Would I buy this: No

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 2/5

Michael warned me that this one lacked the magic of the 10 year old expressions and he was right. As a sherried Speysider this works very well, but it’s also a very generic profile. There are many sherried Speysiders out there. The reason I, and many others people, like Benromach is their unique profile which was missing here. There’s also a significant price jump over the 10 year old.


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