Glentauchers 18 vom Fass


Glentauchers is a fairly obscure distillery from the Speyside region. It’s owned by Pernod Ricard and the majority of the output goes into their blends (Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s and some nasty bottom shelf blends).

This one is from vom Fass, a franchise where you can bottle your own liquids (booze, oils, liqueurs, vinegars, etc. ) and pay by volume. It works out more expensive than buying regular bottles, but they source their own casks so they have some unique stuff and you can be a cheapskate and buy the smallest size bottle just to taste.

Aged 18 years. 43%ABV. Matured in first fill bourbon casks.

Nose: Lychee. Vanilla icing. Sawdust. Dusty apples. The smell just before it rains. Tropical punch flavouring.

Palate: Some bite. Bitter wood. Tropical fruit. Fresh ikea furniture. Bit of a bitter chemical note at the end.

Finish: Medium. Just a continuation of the chemical note at first. Eases into sweet tropical fruits and light wood.

Would I buy this: No

Would I order this in a bar: No

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 2/5

This had quite a nice nose, but was somewhat ruined for me by a strong, bitter chemical note on the palate that carried on through the finish. It hits all the right notes for a first fill bourbon matured malt, but nothing really stands out, and at the price vom Fass sells it for is not really worth buying, there are much nicer independent bottlings of better malts for much cheaper.


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