Laphroaig 21


Originally reviewed on reddit: 12/12/15

This was a special release for the distillery’s 200th anniversary. Always interesting to try an older version of peated whisky, after time has exposed some more of the distillery and cask character and toned the peat down a little.

Unfortunately this one was released in these silly little 350ml bottles.I know there must be some marketing spin explaining why, but it’s price is very high which is unfortunate.

Aged 21 years, 48.4%ABV. Matured in first fill bourbon casks.

Nose: The nose was quite closed, a few drops of water helped to open it up. There’s a light salty note, kind of like the breeze in a coastal town. Smoked tuna. Iodine. A sweet floral note. Honey. Wet stone. Straw. Aromatic herbs like peppermint and wintergreen. With some glass time the fruity notes come forward, Dried peach. Candied pineapple. Mango peel. Orange cake.

Palate: Mineral peat. Wet stone. Juicy apples. Citrus zest. Fruit leather. Smoked fish. Ginger, lemon and honey tea (the combination not as distinct notes). A sort of orangey note develops. Bit of woodspice and camphor on the swallow.

Finish: Medium. A burst of bitter and sweet fruits and then a long salty linger with some bitter wood.

This was a really sublime dram. The age really helps the fruity bourbon flavours come up out of the peat. While not as Laphroaigy as most, a really wonderful dram.


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