Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2014


Originally reviewed on reddit: 30/12/15

Each of Diageo’s malts has an annually released Distiller’s Edition which is usually the regular whisky which has spent a few extra months in some form of finishing cask that’s supposed to complement its character. This particular one is finished in Amoroso Sherry casks.

Amoroso is another name for Cream Sherry which is sherry that has been sweetened by either blending in some naturally sweet wine or sherry (such as PX) or a sugary grape concentrate in the cheaper varieties.

I generally enjoy sweet finished smoky malts, so let’s see how this does:

Aged 10. 45.8% ABV. Finished in Amoroso Casks

Nose: Very sweet. Vanilla cream. Banana liqueur. Red fruits. Roasted something sweet. Thick wine tannins. Turkish delight.

Palate: A bit flat. Charcoal. Salmon. Salt. Dry wood. Sherry funk.

Finish: Medium. Dry wood. Char. Cough syrup. Figs.

Would I buy this: No

Would I order this in a bar: No

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 3/5

I found the sweetness a little overpowering here. It would have worked well for me if toned down a bit. It was still a nice smelling whisky, with a very interesting nose, but sadly the palate and finish were underwhelming.


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