Benriach 10 (Early 2000’s)


Originally reviewed on reddit: 15/10/15. Tasted at a Malt Mongers Israel evening.

The Benriach distillery is a Speyside distillery that is quite known for its interesting array of cask finishes. Aside from these they also make a peated malt which also comes in a just as varied array of finishes. At the heart of their core range are their regular ten year old unpeated whisky and the peated Curiositas (there are two respective NAS expressions, but let’s not go there). This is nice because it can give you a sort of baseline before trying all the crazy finishes and variations.

This is an older bottling of their 10 year old expression, which was discontinued for a while but is now back. I had this at a Malt Mongers Israel tasting where we tasted several peated and finished Benriachs and this was first as a sort of base point.

Aged 10 years. 43%ABV.

Nose: Honey. White grape juice. Flowers. Brown sugar

Palate: Brown sugar. Barenjager (honey liqueur). Bit of grain. Fine dust.

Finish: Short-medium. Warm lemon and honey tea.

Would I buy this: No

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes


This was a pretty single dimensional whisky, but that single dimension was a good one. I really liked the honey and floral notes on the nose. For a basic 10 year old it does a good job.


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