Originally reviewed on reddit: 03/06/15

This is another Islay blended malt, from vom Fass. It’s bottled for them by Hunter Laing, which split off from Douglas Laing a few years back. It’s essentially their version of Big Peat, also mainly young Islay malts with a little Port Ellen mixed in, although according to the folks at vom Fass (take with pinch of salt), it’s main component is Laphroaig, about 80%.

Aged 3 years*. 43% ABV. 

Nose: Ash. Wet campfire. Earthy peat. Mineral salt. Glazed meat. New leather. Wet slate. Cut granite. Mild flowery hint, good quality young spirit. Definitely some cereal porridge under the peat.

Palate: Mineral salt rush followed by a big earthy heap of peat. Burned paper. Rubber. Iodine. Nice chewy meat notes. Light fruit, green apples and white grapes.

Finish: Long. Rolling waves of chewy peat and a lingering note of mineral salt. Oil fire smoke. Hint of porridge.

Would I buy this: No

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 2/5

This was a very nice blend, I like young Islays and it had a lot of that character. Spent a good while nosing and chewing on the finish. My issue was the price, getting a full bottle (vom Fass has several bottle sizes and charges per 100ml) would cost a lot more than some of the really good expressions from the component distilleries.


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