Talisker Port Ruighe


Talisker is an old favourite, a classic malt from the Isle of Skye with a smoky, but not medicinal profile, and something I always like to have around. The past few years have seen non-age-statement (NAS) Taliskers popping up like weeds, with some good and some bad.

This particular one is port finished. I love port, and I love port finished smoky whiskies so it’s been on my sights for a long time, and finally got hold of a sample (with things like this I always try a sample before committing to a whole bottle). The name is apparently pronounced “Port Ree”, because no age statement means funny name and/or long story.

Aged 3 years*. 45.8%ABV.

*For lack of age statement

Nose: Woody talisker smoke. Brine. Sticky red fruits, plums, cherries, those small little raisins, forgot the name. Wood glue. Acetone. Sandalwood. Pretty intense woodspice note. Bit of plum wine. Unrefined oak boards, after some class time this becomes quite dominant.

Palate: A little rough here. Some peat, some salt and then a big fruity punchy note. Peppermint & milk chocolate on the swallow, two distinct notes, not peppermint chocolate.

Finish: Long. Bitter wood. Citrus zest. Dark chocolate. Wisps of woodsmoke and pepper with some charred fruits.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 3/5

This was interesting, I’ll give it that. I found the nose quite good, but the palate was a bit rough, perhaps a little too aggressive for its flavour profile. The finish was not bad at all either. Would be good if a little more refined. I won’t go out and buy a bottle, but this was worth tasting for interests’ sake.


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