Glen Keith 1992 Alambic Classique Double Matured


1992 was a good year for Glen Keith, I’ve tried several bottlings distilled in that year and they have been spectacular and made me develop quite an affinity for the stuff. IT’s got a very strong body to it and is a fun whisky to try. Just about all of the Glen Keiths I’ve tried have been bourbon matured, it just works, but this one really piqued my curiosity, so when the opportunity  for a bottle share came along I grabbed it.

This one was bottled by Alambic Classique, a German independent bottler who have this series which has been creatively titled ‘Double Matured’, for obvious reasons. Some of the cask types used are very interesting, things like various types of rums and I even saw a white port cask. This bottling was matured in first fill bourbon and then matured in a “Jamaica Rum” cask. They don’t say the portion of time spent in each cask (I was going by their website. As stated by Valeron down in the comments, the bottle says 24 months in the rum cask, which is surprising given how dominant it feels), but it’s safe to assume a fair amount in both. I was really interested to see what that would do to Glen Keith.

Aged 23 years. 55.4%ABV. Matured in a first-fill bourbon cask and then in a Jamaican rum cask. No colourant added, non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength from cask 15103

Nose: Wow what a peculiar nose. One of my friends wrote something about how this is quite similar to the juniper scent in gin and he was spot on. Underneath that there’s some fresh cucumber. Fennel. Bitter green grass. Bok choi. Under all that the bourbon cask influence reveals itself, some tropical fruit, sandalwood and vanilla. Along with that creamy Glen Keith porridge note.

Palate: More gin related stuff. Juniper. Creamy vanilla. Bitter wood, oh so bitter after the initial hit of flavour. Then slides into a very strong anise note.

Finish: Long. Anise. Porridge. Juniper. Menthol. Vick’s cough syrup. Wintergreen. A little candied pineapple peeks through at the end.

Would I buy this: No

Would I order this in a bar: I am honestly not sure. I am still quite puzzled at what I have here.

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 2/5

This was not what I expected at all. These gin associated flavours were prominent all the way through. I’m not sure if the rum cask held one of those very herbal tasting rums, but it sure tastes like it. It just doesn’t work so well with the bourbon notes, they’re not unbalanced here, just don’t really gel well together. The finish on this was the most remarkable though, so much like Vick’s.


2 thoughts on “Glen Keith 1992 Alambic Classique Double Matured

  1. ValeronDeportivo

    Great review, and indeed an odd whisky.
    I thought of the comparison to tasting a peated whisky for the first time after a bunch of speysides. Its so different, that its hard to decide if its good or not…

    In any case, it says on the label this spent 24 months in the rum cask. Must have been one monster of a rum!


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