Kilkerran 12


This is one that’s been a long time in the making. Glengyle distillery, where Kilkerran is distilled, was purchased in 2000 by the same company that owns Springbank distillery, and in 2004 spirit once again ran from the stills after 3 quarters of a century.

Since 2009 an annual release was made called “Work in Progress”, going through 7 iterations, from the fourth release being split between bourbon and sherry matured whiskies.

Finally, the whisky is ready to be officially bottled and released to the market as a 12 year old. I’d tried several of the Work in Progress releases as well as some single cask bottlings and I really liked them, so I was very excited for this.

Aged 12 years. 46%ABV. No colourant added and non-chill filtered.

Nose: Sage. Fennel. Really quite herbal. Then a good deal of lemon oil. Old leather. Wet grass. Brine. Tropical fruits. A little unsmoked tobacco. Stewed fruits.

Palate: Sooty. Briney. More herbs, wintergreen, menthol. Citrus oils. Liquorice rounds. A dry spiciness on the swallow.

Finish: Long. Deep aromatic herbs. Sage oil. Bitter wood. Light pepper. A little woody vanilla.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 4/5

Glad I got this one. Aside from being very affordable it is very complex and full of those old-style notes, massively thick and herbal. Really a fantastic addition to the Campbeltown stable.


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