Diplomatico 2000 Single Vintage


Thanks to /u/gregbenson314 for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap’s Secret Santa on reddit.

This is the last of the very cool samples I got from my Secret Santa gift. Unlike the others this one is a rum, not a whisky. I started dabbling in rums somewhat recently so I’m always glad to broaden that horizon. This is from Venezuela. I’m still not 100% familiar with each rum producing region’s character but this is the first time I’m really sitting down with a Venezuelan rum, so no idea what to expect (I usually do my tasting notes before looking too much into the background behind what I’m drinking).

This is a special release to celebrate a particularly good sugarcane harvest in 2000. It was aged 12 years in ex bourbon and single malt Scotch whisky casks and then finished in sherry and as far as I can tell has had no sugar added to it after distillation.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention by /u/TheDunderhead on reddit that Diplomatico add a sweetened rum liqueur to many of their rums to sweeten them and when tested this one  had about 15g/L of added sugars, still a good deal less than the Demerara rums I like, but not a negligible amount.

Seems to be quite a whisky drinker’s rum.

Aged 12 years. 43% ABV. 

Nose: Nutty wood, like a sherried whisky (makes sense given the casks used). Burned brown sugar. Candy apple. Caramel. Light woodspice. Honey nougat. Something slightly astringent and rubbery lurking in the back.

Palate: Cherry cough syrup. Quite a dry yet very fruity character. Light woody notes along with some bitter green herbs, mainly fennel, and uncured olives.

Finish: Short-Medium. Bitter herbs follow through from the palate. Dried dark fruits. Licorice pastilles. Slight lingering woodspice.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes


This was quite a departure from the sweetened Demerara rums I usually drink. Very bitter, but oh so complex and interesting. It felt quite like a whisky on the nose, but then after taking a sip I realised that it’s very much a rum. There’s a good amount of stuff going on here and quite a nice play between the dark sugary notes and the light fruity notes, all under an overtone of bitter green herbs.

The only fault I could find is that the low ABV leads to a slightly underwhelming finish.Pity that for such a special release they chose to dilute it down. Still a fantastically interesting drink nonetheless. Thanks to much to /u/gregbenson314 for such thoughtful gifts, they have been surprising, enlightening and so enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “Diplomatico 2000 Single Vintage

  1. Conchchowder

    24 g/l of sugar in 750ml of rum. Avg $100 / 750ml is about $ .13/ml
    $. 13/gram of sugar = $58.96 per pound of sugar.
    That’s why unadulterated, pure rum, is the best, and sugared rum sucks.


    1. I’m only now really getting into “proper rum”, but the unsugared stuff is starting to grow on me as I explore the drink.


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