Great King Street Glasgow Blend


This is a blend from the very controversial bottler Compass Box. Their Great King St. series are some lower priced blends made to represent certain old timey blend characters.

The Glasgow blend was made to reproduce a style of blend referred to in Aeneas MacDonald’s 1930’s book “Whisky” (well worth reading if you’re a whisky geek, I highly recommend the recent edition with Ian Buxton’s commentary) as the style appreciated at the time in Glasgow which was especially rich and flavourful.

One of the fun things with compass box is the availability of information regarding what you’re buying and below is a graphic from their website explaining exactly what goes into the blend. Unfortunately they’re not allowed to publish the ages, they tried with some other stuff and got in trouble, although you may be able to find out if you email them.


Graphic from

As we can see it’s made up of some pretty flavourful whiskies, particularly the Clynelish and Laphroaig.

Aged 3 years*. 43%ABV. No colourant added and non-chill filtered.

*for lack of age statement although the components are aged at around 10 years (if you’re really curious shoot an email off to the producer).

Nose: Peaches. Apricot fruit leather. Vanilla cream. Pencil eraser. Honey. Wet stones. Lemon oil. Fresh bread. Slight vegetal peat note.

Palate: Spicy. Vegetable paste. Salt. Macadamias. Cashews. Buttered popcorn. Bitter fruit. Bees wax.

Finish: Medium. Bitter wood. Herbal honey. Wood smoke. Liquorice.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 3/5

This was a really solid blend. It does mention sherry and smoke on the label and I didn’t really find a huge amount of influence of the former. It did however have an impressive amount of complexity for what it is.

While this is easily on par or better than a lot of the blends in its price point it unfortunately only comes in a 50cl bottle. Still, a top quality blend made from some top quality component whiskies.



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