Glen Keith 1998 Gordon & Macphail Hopewell Buy-Rite Exclusive


Thanks to /u/unbreakablesausage from /r/Scotch on reddit for the sample

Glen Keith is a somewhat obscure distillery with quite a rocky history. It’s currently owned by Chivas Brother and is mainly used to beef up their blends, with independent bottlings floating around usually from a few specific distillation year, and some very hard to find original bottlings. This sample is an exclusive bottling from Gordon & Macphail for a specific shop that I got from /u/unbreakablesausage when we did a small in-person swap recently.

Aged 15 years. 58.1% ABV. No colourant added, non-chill filtered and bottled at batch strength.

Nose: Musty sherry. Stewed fruits in custard. White grape juice. Honey. Slightly nutty wood. Nutmeg.

Palate: Dusty. Meaty stone. fruits. Lavender. Milk caramel rounds (slightly lactic). Cooking oil. Nut praline.

Finish: Long. Orange sherbet. Nutmeg, cloves. Slightly sour malty note on the end, not unpleasant, imagine savory Maltesers.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes


This was a tad aggressive but calmed down after a bit. It’s not as good as the early 90’s Signatory bottlings I’ve tried, but it was a very pleasant one, had all the body and fullness one expects from this distillery with some nice but reserved sherry influence from the refill casks.


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