Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve


Thanks to /u/unbreakablesausage from reddit for the sample.

This is one I’ve wanted to try for some time. A few years back I got a a bottle of Glenfiddich 14 Rich Oak, aged in virgin oak casks. I thought it was a gimmicky bottle but ended up being my favourite standard release from the distillery. This one was released for the American market and was aged in first fill bourbon instead of virgin oak and I’ve been curious as to how it stacks up against the other 14 year old.

Aged 14 years. 43% ABV.

Nose: Peaches. Woody vanilla. Barley cream. Cooked pears. Light coconut. Banana flavoring.

Palate: Woodspice. Salted caramel. Apples. Oak chips. Tingling white pepper on the swallow

Finish: Short. Woodspice, pears and wood tannins and the a few creamy sweet notes.

Would I buy this: No

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 3/5 (~$49 in the US market).

This wasn’t bad at all. Nothing amazing, but the first fill bourbon works really well with the light fruity character of the Glenfiddich distillate for a pleasant, soft daily drinker. I think I still prefer the Rich Oak for complexity though.


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