Whiskybase “Same As 10K” (Laphroaig 6yo)


Whiskybase.com is one of the largest online databases of whisky. They have listings for just about every bottle of whisky ever made as well as forums, online marketplace and their own store with it’s own well established bottling label (The Archives). With every 10,000 bottles added to their database they release a special bottling to celebrate.

This one is for the monumental 100,000 listed bottles. The label is a little bit of a riddle, it doesn’t state the name of the distillery, likely due to where it was sourced, but the name, “Same as 10K” gives a clue as the release for the 10,000 bottle milestone did state the distillery on the label and it was Laphroaig. So we have a young, sherry matured Laphroaig, for under 60 Euro went it went on sale, yes please.

Aged 6 years. 58.7% ABV. Matured in a refill sherry hogshead. No colourant added, non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength from a single cask.

Nose:  Tar. Prunes. Rubber. Oil smoke. Brine. Lots of iodine and germoline. Sweet glazed meats. Beetroot. Behind all the smoke and medicinal notes there’s a very nice fruity presence, apricot jam, black cherries and a little amaretto.

Palate: Ash. Coal dust. Wood smoke. Tar. Grape jam. Treacle. Old motor oil. More germoline.

Finish: Long. Soot. Grape jam. Iodine. Fresh tar and sticky red fruits. Trailing whips of sea salt and caramel.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 4/5 (€55 at release from Whiskybase.com)

I know some people said this one lacked a bit of depth, and I can kind of understand them as it kind of just repeats the same flavours throughout the process of tasting, but they are flavours I really really like. I’m a huge fan of young Laphroaigs because of these and enjoyed this one immensely, especially with the sherry influence on it. It’s harder and harder to find reasonably priced independent Laphroaigs so this made me really happy.


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