About my whisky posts

I’ve been drinking whisky for a long time. My late grandfather introduced me and we often used to spend Saturday afternoons having a dram and talking in their garden. I love the complexity of a good whisky as well as the sheer variety of it all. It really is a wonderful adventure.

I am against the massive trend of non-age statement whiskies plaguing the market right now (don’t get me wrong, some are very good, but I am against the practice as a whole), so in the case of Scotch whisky, if I am not provided with an age statement I will assume that the whisky is aged 3 years.

When I taste a whisky I’ll be posting notes on nose, palate and finish. I generally ignore the colour because it has nothing to do with the quality of whisky (and in many cases artificial colouring is used) so no notes on that. I’ll also rate the whisky by answering the following 3 questions:

  1. Would I buy a bottle? – Was this whisky good or interesting enough to earn a spot in my cabinet and was it worth splurging on a whole bottle.
  2. Would I order this in a bar? – Would I be willing to pay to enjoy just one glass without committing to buying a whole bottle.
  3. Would I drink this if someone gave it to me? – Disregarding the issue of buying the whisky, would I be willing to drink it. I like my whisky a lot and will generally drink any decent whisky given to me whether it’s my preferred style or not. So If I say no here it’s some real poison.

I’ll also list a VFM rating according to global average prices. I will not give VFM ratings to items that are no longer available or can only be found at auctions.

Finally and most importantly, these are MY opinions. Whisky is a wonderfully complex and diverse spirit, and people are wonderfully complex and diverse creatures, so just because I like something doesn’t mean you will, and vice versa, so please, please do not write something off your bucket list just because I (or anyone else who makes a big stink about drinking whisky) didn’t like it . Everyone has their own tastes and that should be celebrated.