Ballechin SFTC 13yo Port Cask Matured


One of the whiskies that I cannot bring myself to like, try as I might, is Edradour. I have heard of good ones but have yet to try one myself. Edradour is owned by the renowned independent bottler, Signatory Vintage and is a very small (before Kilchoman the smallest) distillery in the Southern Highlands and are known for a very wide variety of cask finished and maturations.

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anCnoc and Balblair Tasting


A while ago some of the more well known and influential guys on the alcohol scene here started a Facebook group for enthusiasts here in Israel. Aside from providing a platform for discussion and sharing cool pictures they’ve also been hard at work organizing events and deals for members and so forth. One result of this was a tasting evening in partnership with online retailer Sipil to show the range of Ancnoc and Balblair that they’re starting to bring into the country (more whisky, yay!)

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Glen Garioch 1978 – The Whisky Shop Release ~/01


Thanks to Michael from Malt & Oak for the sample

I’ve come to try quite a few older Glen Gariochs, usually by way of my friend Michael from Malt & Oak, who also provided me with this sample, and it’s really been a fantastic thing to discover. This one is from 1978 distillate and released for The Whisky Shop in the UK in 2011 as a single cask exclusive and was particularly well received.

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Glen Scotia 18 (New Label)

IMG_20171103_162918 1

Thanks to Yoav from Whisky Gospel for the sample.

A while back, after being acquired by the Loch Lomond group Glen Scotia pulled their old range with it’s plethora of age statements, bright colours and highland cows and released a rebranded range of 2 NAS expressions and a 15-year-old (which I found to be fantastic). The point was to kind of bring things under control and rebuild the distillery’s reputation to seriously compete with the other Campbeltown distillery.

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Ledaig 2008 Archives


Thanks to /u/dramboy for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit

One can never try enough Ledaig, it can vary so much from dram to dram but still has the same old familiar funk to it. This one was bottled by’s Archives label which has seen some amazing releases of late. I missed the boat on this one so thankfully /u/dramboy had this sample for me. This was matured in a sherry butt, though judging by the colour, either a refill cask or partial maturation.

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Benromach 35


Tasted at a Malt Mongers Israel evening.

So the day after the insane Cadenhead tasting I mentioned in my last post, it was our whisky club’s (Malt Mongers Israel – MMI) scheduled monthly get together. The theme was Benromach. It was kind of a last minute thing we cobbled together from the Benromach range locally available, all of which I’ve reviewed at some point barring the Organic. But as a special treat we also had a special bottle, this 35 year old gem.

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Cadenhead’s 175th Special Releases

IMG_20171017_193948 1

It’s already made quite a lot of news, but for those who don’t know W.M. Cadenhead, the oldest independent whisky bottler, recently celebrated their 175th anniversary For the occasion they released 6 truly remarkable bottles to be tasted at a set of international tasting events. Unfortunately Israel was not on the list for these events, but fortunately a local whisky anorak and fellow Malt Mongers Israel member, Assaf Errel, managed to get hold of the set of bottles and put on one of the most remarkable tasting I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend.

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Pelter Distillery Inaugural Single Malt Whisky


This is the third Israeli single malt to come of age in recent months. This one comes from Pelter, a well established winery in the Golan Heights who have been doing some distilling on the side for some time. A few years ago they decided to make the distillery a part of the business and purchased an alembic still. Because they were already a well established business they ran their own pre-purchase program as opposed to using a crowdfunding platform.

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Old Pulteney 11 Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection


I’m always on the lookout for independent bottlings of Old Pulteney. I really like the (now discontinued) 17 & 21 year old distillery bottlings, but IB’s are few and far between and it’s always fun to get a feel for the same spirit done differently. This one is from Cadenhead’s Authentic collection, it says it was matured in a bourbon hogshead, judging by the colour we’re talking about a refill cask so should be pretty raw spirit here.

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