Homemade Ginger Beer


I grew up in South Africa and this stuff is everywhere. There’s a few industrial brands around, but the only real similarity with the good stuff is the name. They’re artificially flavoured carbonated drinks. A lot of Mom & Pop businesses will make the proper stuff or you can just make it yourself. It’s a refreshing and healthy drink, great for after a meal or at the end of a long, hot day.

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Miso Salmon With Sweets & Beets


This meal was a combination of two recipes. The first is for the miso salmon which I found here:

This recipe is a very healthy one with no oil involved. You’ll probably need to raid your local asian food store for some of the ingredients. I found that it did not take long to cook but it did require a lot of attention and some multi tasking. The meal itself was absolutely delicious with the tastes of the seaweed, and mushrooms really complementing the miso based glaze.

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