Appleton Estate 12 Rare Blend


My explorative journey into rum continues. This one being from Jamaica. One of the major issues with rum is the lack of regulation, especially concerning labelling and additives. Jamaica is actually pushing for recognition of Jamaican Rum as a protected appellation and has fairly coherent regulations for labelling rum, which means Jamaican rums are usually of good reputation.

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El Tiburón 18 XO, Cigar Blend, Limited Edition, Cask Strength

IMG_20170220_212732.jpgA bit of an oddity here. I was browsing the shelves at a local liquor store and saw this very odd bottle of rum I’d never heard of or seen before. I asked the guys in my rum club but no one knew much about it. The bottle seemed to just be loaded with buzzwords like XO, Limited Edition, Cask Strength, Cigar blend and so on. Suspicious, but interesting.

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