Caroni 1998 – The Duchess


Sample provided by Best of Whiskies

I’ve reviewed quite a few rums from the now closed Caroni distillery in Trinidad before and have come to like its heavy character quite a bit. Caronis are pretty much exclusively available from independent bottlers and this particular one comes from the Netherlands based “The Duchess”, a brand of the online store Best of Whiskies.

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Bristol Spirits Caroni 10 VSOC


It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a rum. I’ve been slowly building up a modest selections of good ones and this is one I’ve been enjoying a lot. It’s from the Caroni distillery in Trinidad. Caroni in of itself is quite interesting, and this bottling more so. It was never widely appreciated while operating and shut down in the early 2000’s, all of the stock being bought up by a small number of individuals.

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Ledaig 2008 Archives


Thanks to /u/dramboy for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit

One can never try enough Ledaig, it can vary so much from dram to dram but still has the same old familiar funk to it. This one was bottled by’s Archives label which has seen some amazing releases of late. I missed the boat on this one so thankfully /u/dramboy had this sample for me. This was matured in a sherry butt, though judging by the colour, either a refill cask or partial maturation.

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Amrut Peated – Cask Strength


Thanks to /u/nofansky for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on Reddit.

Had a bit of a break from whisky for Passover, but I’m back. This is a cask strength version of Amrut’s peated Indian single malt. I’ve tried the regular version before but was less than impressed, which is a pity because I quite liked their Fusion expression which is made from 25% peated barley from Scotland. But sometimes being bottled at cask strength can make a huge difference to a whisky’s character.

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Compass Box Spice Tree Extravaganza


This is a special release from Compass Box (AKA that independent bottler that is really good at sticking it to the SWA and making a fuss) to celebrate a decade of their Spice Tree expression. This one contains more aged components and a higher quantity of sherry casks in the mix.

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MMI Lost Distilleries evening.


I often find myself perusing around the various online whisky outlets even when I’m not looking to buy anything just to keep an idea of what’s on the market and prices and so forth. A while ago I started to notice these bottlings with what looked like distillery names which I’d never heard of made by something called the Lost Distillery Company. I was very intrigued but never got round to actually getting a bottle to try, there is quite an assortment and I was worried maybe I’d fall on one that wasn’t to my liking and so on.

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Gone Fishing 

Sorry for the late update, but some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet over the past few weeks. 

I’ve been a bit preoccupied by Jewish holidays and visiting family but I’ll be back on track in about a week with more whisky notes. 

Cheers for now. 

Islay Mist 17


Islay Mist is a blend bottled by MacDuff International. It it supposed to be based on a blend made for the 21st birthday of the Lord of Margadale in 1920, the idea being to cut the local favourite Laphroaig with some milder mainland and grain whiskies for something less intense. According to the packaging this is still a Laphroaig dirven blend.

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Some Juras


Jura is very much a marmite whisky with people generally divided into those who love it and those who hate it. I generally fall into the former camp although I do think it needs to be aged a little or be peated to truly bring it its character. I fell in love with Jura when I tried their Superstition expression a few years back. That particular one declined a little in my opinion, but I’m still a fan.

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