Bulleit Rye


Originally reviewed on reddit: 08/10/15

Up until last year my only experience with rye was some bottom shelf stuff I’d tried while travelling around the USA, so I wasn’t so into it. Then I got hold of a sample of Old Scout Smooth Ambler, and it all changed. Bulleit is one of the only Ryes available in Israel (along with Jim Beam and very recently Sazerac) so I got a bottle for when I wanted something a little different. It has some story and is called ‘frontier whiskey’ but it’s likely just some made up marketing nonsense.

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Deer, Bear & Moose Bourbon Lot 1


This is mystery dram number 3 in the tasting pack from Flaviar. This one was very obviously a bourbon. The nose smacked of wood, spice and sweet stuff. It turned out to be a bit of a unique one. One of the things Flaviar do is sell their own bottlings of things under the Deer, Bear & Moose label, and this was one of their bottlings of bourbon. From what distillery it’s from is not listed however.

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Booker’s Bourbon


Reviewed on reddit on 09/08/2015

I sometimes dabble in bourbon but for the longest time found the range of profiles to be somewhat small and  it was just the occasional indulgence, usually when I was at a bar and a decent bourbon is the same price as a bad scotch whisky. But then I discovered the premium bourbons and that all changed.

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