Golan Heights Distillery 2015 Single Malt


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“Spicy Hummus” Brewer’s Whisky


David Zibell over at the Golan Heights Distillery here in Israel has been quite busy with all kinds of interesting things, notably a 2nd Single Malt release, a brandy and this little gem. I was a little apprehensive at first, but heard from a few people that it’s extremely interesting.

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Pelter Distillery Inaugural Single Malt Whisky


This is the third Israeli single malt to come of age in recent months. This one comes from Pelter, a well established winery in the Golan Heights who have been doing some distilling on the side for some time. A few years ago they decided to make the distillery a part of the business and purchased an alembic still. Because they were already a well established business they ran their own pre-purchase program as opposed to using a crowdfunding platform.

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Golan Heights Distillery 2014 Single Malt

IMG_20170923_143729 1

This is a very exciting time for whisky lovers here in Israel. A few local distilleries have opened up and over the course of a few months their single malt spirits have finally matured for a full 3 years. While there is no law in Israel regarding the minimum age for a single malt, the distillers have all agreed among themselves to stick to the Scottish minimum.

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Golan Heights Distillery – 2 whisky liqueurs and a young whisky


Once again I’m doing something local to coincide with our Independence day. This time I’m reviewing three offerings from the Golan Heights distillery, a craft distillery in our stunning North.

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Golan Heights Distillery Golani Two Grain Israeli Whisky


In honour of our independence day I figured I’d review something local. Golani is a two grain whisky made from wheat and barley, matured for under a year in New American Oak, Cabernet Oak and  Chardonnay Oak casks. Interestingly it’s also made with a sour mash, usually more common in American whiskey production. The casks are sourced from the nearby Golan Heights Winery

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