Hakushu 12


Originally reviewed on reddit: 28/12/15

This was from a sample from/u/vreckan on reddit. This is one of the now all too rare breed of age stated Japanese whiskies. Hakushu is owned by Suntory, who also own Yamazaki. The distillery itself is located in a forest in a mountainous region of Japan and from what I’ve seen the surroundings are really picturesque. The distillery is one of the highest whisky distilleries sitting at 700m above sea level. For a long time this was their core expression (now replaced by the NAS distiller’s reserve), it’s lightly peated and matured mainly in American oak.

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Nikka Whisky From The Barrel


I usually stick to Scotch whisky, but now and then some interesting stuff turns up that warrants trying or even getting a bottle. My experience with Japanese whiskies before I bought this bottle was limited to a few tastes of Yamazaki at some duty free shops when they just started to push the marketing for it (around the mid 2000’s). Since then the prices of Japanese whisky shot up and I didn’t feel like it was worth my money. But then I found this little gem for a little over 30 Euros.

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