Islay Mist 12


In my last post I looked at the 17 year old Islay Mist. This is the more common expression and probably the most well regarded of the Islay Mist range. It’s quite widely available, even here in Israel, and I often order it at bars because it’s a relative unknown and is priced nice and low (there’s a big problem with pricing whisky at bars here).

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Islay Mist 17


Islay Mist is a blend bottled by MacDuff International. It it supposed to be based on a blend made for the 21st birthday of the Lord of Margadale in 1920, the idea being to cut the local favourite Laphroaig with some milder mainland and grain whiskies for something less intense. According to the packaging this is still a Laphroaig dirven blend.

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