Glen Scotia 18 (New Label)

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Thanks to Yoav from Whisky Gospel for the sample.

A while back, after being acquired by the Loch Lomond group Glen Scotia pulled their old range with it’s plethora of age statements, bright colours and highland cows and released a rebranded range of 2 NAS expressions and a 15-year-old (which I found to be fantastic). The point was to kind of bring things under control and rebuild the distillery’s reputation to seriously compete with the other Campbeltown distillery.

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Cadenhead Glen Scotia 2000 Sherry Cask


Thanks to /u/nofansky for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit.

I’m always on the lookout to try stuff from Glen Scotia. Their core range is quite limited but there are quite a number of independent bottlings floating around. Unfortunately they can be quite hit-or-miss so I won’t often pull the trigger on a full bottle, but the profile of the distillery is dirty and oily, just what I like, so always glad to try.

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Campbeltown Sans Springbank Night with Malt Mongers Israel


Once again our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel, met up at the Milk & Honey distillery for our monthly get together. This month’s theme was Campbeltown without Springbank. We’d recent had a dedicated Springbank evening and decided to try some of the other whiskies coming from the region (granted only one bottle was actually not from a Springbank associated distillery).

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Glen Scotia 1999 Cadenhead


Sample received from /u/buddy_dosser via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit. Thanks!

Ah Glen Scotia, the other Campbeltown malt. Sometimes they can be a bit sidelined by all the attention given to Springbank, especially  because until the recent revamp their distillery bottlings were a tad sub-par, but that doesn’t mean they can’t put out some damn fine whisky which can be found amongst several prolific independent bottlers.

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Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia Tasting


Last night I attended a tasting for the Loch Lomond group’s wares at Rosner Wine in Kfar Saba. I was drawn to this tasting for a few reasons. Firstly, it was in the next town over and I had work the next day, but also because I love Springbank and was always curious about the other Campbeltown distillery. Glen Scotia is only now beginning to hit the shelves here and I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about it that I’d never wanted to risk buying a whole bottle just to try it.

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