Deanston 8 Red Wine Cask Handfilled (BTC 2017 #08)


Right off the bat I could tell that this was a weird one. I was picking up some very strange notes and even after sitting on it a bit I wasn’t sure if it was a very young sherry matured whisky with some PX in the picture, or something matured in a red wine cask. I went with the red wine cask, but sadly no points are allocated for guessing the cask type, or the parent company, because I went with an 8-year-old wine cask matured Bunnahabhain, incidentally owned by the same company that owns Deanston. At least I got some age points.  Continue reading “Deanston 8 Red Wine Cask Handfilled (BTC 2017 #08)”


Deanston 18 and Deanston 20 – A comparison


Originally reviewed on reddit on 26/02/16

In a recent shared purchase which I did with some friends we got 2 Deanstons, so I figured I’d do a comparative review. The first Deanston is an 18-year-old matured in Hogsheads and then finished in first fill Bourbon casks, bottled at the Burn Stewart standard ABV of 46.3%. The second one is 20 years old and matured for the entire time in ex-Oloroso casks, and bottled at cask strength, that being 55.3% ABV.

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