Glen Garioch 1978 – The Whisky Shop Release ~/01


Thanks to Michael from Malt & Oak for the sample

I’ve come to try quite a few older Glen Gariochs, usually by way of my friend Michael from Malt & Oak, who also provided me with this sample, and it’s really been a fantastic thing to discover. This one is from 1978 distillate and released for The Whisky Shop in the UK in 2011 as a single cask exclusive and was particularly well received.

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Glen Garioch 1978

IMG_20170923_001151 1

A while back a fellow Israeli whisky fiend and blogger, Michael (found over at, asked if I wanted in on a bottle share of a very special Glen Garioch. Now aside from the bottle just sounding really enticing, I could see how excited Michael was about it, and he is the biggest Glen Garioch fanboy I’ve ever met, so this had to be something special.

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Douglas Laing Tasting with Fred Laing


Fred Laing doing his thing.

Sorry about the delay since my last post. I was on holiday in Italy but am back and well rested. Very shortly before I left, to the point that I didn’t have time to write this up, I was invited to a very special tasting event. I recently posted about and evening that our whisky club, MMI had in conjunction with Sipil, a local importer and online retailer, who have recently begun to import Douglas Laing products to Israel, currently the only independent bottler on the market.

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