Glenmorangie Bacalta


This is Glenmorangie’s annual Private Edition for 2017, called Bacalta. It had been matured in first fill bourbon casks and then finished in Madeira casks. Not just any Madeira casks mind you, Glemorangie’s chief whisky wizard, the man behind these weird and wonderful Private Editions, Dr. Bill Lumsden requested that the Madeira casks be heavily charred.

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Glenmorangie Signet


I was curious about this whisky for a long time, having heard much about it. Quite an interesting expression, a fairly secretive blending of some older whiskies and some others distilled from chocolate malt, usually used for brewing stout and porter beers.

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Glenmorangie Companta


Every year Glenmorangie releases a ‘private edition’, an annual limited release, usually with no age statement, but they are regarded as being quite good. This particular one if from 2014 and was matured in Grand Cru Burgundy & Côtes du Rhône Casks.

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Glenmorangie 18


Originally reviewed on reddit: 07/03/15

Tasted blind in the 2015 Tapuz Blind Tasting Competition

This is the last of several older sets of notes for the Glenmorangie notes I’d made. I’ve tasted it several times since and have become quite fond of it, not a favourite, but I’ll gladly enjoy a glass. I remember noticing when tasting it blind that I thought it was a good deal younger.

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Glenmorangie 12 ‘Nectar d’Òr’


Originally reviewed on reddit: 07/05/15

The last review of Glenmorangie’s 12 year old wood finished series. This one was finished in Sauternes casks. Sauternes is a sweet white wine from France known for its ability to age well.

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Glenmorangie 12 ‘Quinta Ruban’


Originally reviewed on reddit: 29/04/15

Another of Glenmorangie’s 12 year old specially finished whiskies. This one was finished in ruby port pipes. I don’t usually comment on the colour of whiskies, but this one is not artificially coloured and the port finish gives it a really lovely pink hue.

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Glenmorangie 12 ‘Lasanta’


Originally reviewed on reddit: 05/05/15

This is one of three of Glenmorangie’s 12 year old finished core range. These all start off as the regular 10 year old, aged only in bourbon casks, but then each one undergoes a finish in some special casks. These ones were finished in ex-Oloroso and PX casks.

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Glenmorangie 10 ‘Original’


Originally reviewed on reddit: 06/02/15

Glenmorangie 10 is one of the most popular and widely available malts and has been the starting point of many a whisky geek’s journey. The base malt is very light and quite sweet, attributed to the distillery’s unusually tall stills. The 10 year old is aged only in ex-bourbon barrels, maintaining the light, sweet character.

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Malt Mongers Israel Red Wine Finish Night


We recently had our June meetup for Malt Mongers Israel (MMI). This one was held at the Yacht Club Resto-bar in Tel Aviv. The theme for the evening was whiskies that had been finished in red wine casks.

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