Inchmurrin 12 and Inchmoan 12


Thanks to Yoav of for the sample of the Inchmoan 12

I’ve mentioned Loch Lomond distillery before from a tasting I attended a little under 2 years ago but it warrants mentioning again. It’s probably one of the most interesting distilleries in Scotland. Aside from functioning as both a grain and a malt distillery, with traditional column and pot stills, they have a 3rd set of stills which are a bit of a hybrid.

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Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia Tasting


Last night I attended a tasting for the Loch Lomond group’s wares at Rosner Wine in Kfar Saba. I was drawn to this tasting for a few reasons. Firstly, it was in the next town over and I had work the next day, but also because I love Springbank and was always curious about the other Campbeltown distillery. Glen Scotia is only now beginning to hit the shelves here and I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about it that I’d never wanted to risk buying a whole bottle just to try it.

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