Arran 1996 Alambic Calssique Rhum Finish


I feel like I’m seeing more and more rum cask matured whiskies around, which is great because rum is good, and whisky is good, and the combination of the right whisky with the right rum cask can be amazing. The problem I have is a lot of whiskies will just use something general like  “Caribbean Rum”, but rum is a hugely diverse spirit with so many different character profiles so it can get bloody annoying, because not every type of rum cask would work with let’s say a light Speyside whisky.

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SMWS 121.90 Spiced Pear Planter’s Punch (Arran 1999)


An Arran, been awhile since I’ve had one of these (finished by bottle of “The Bothy” a few months back and don’t think I’ve had any since then). A newish distillery, so older expressions are still a bit of a novelty although they’re starting to permeate more and more.

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Arran Quarter Cask “The Bothy” Batch 1


Originally reviewed on reddit: 09/01/16

I got this bottle just to fill out an order. I like Arran a lot and figured that this might prove a good addition to my cabinet. It’s partially matured in quarter casks, so younger, but more wood contact. Given Arran’s good performance at a young age it wasn’t too much of a gamble. An added bonus is that this is cask strength.

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Arran 14


Originally reviewed on reddit: 09/06/15

The Arran Malt is produced by the only distillery on the Isle of Arran. It’s a relative newcomer, opened in 1995, which I think has worked out well for them. 1995 was just before the current whisky boom which began in the mid to late 2000’s so their malt became available just as people started to become interested in more varied types of whisky, craft presentation (uncoloured and un-chill filtered) and so forth. And they have really adapted well to that market.

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