Highland Park Valkyrie


Thanks to Rani for the sample.

So a few years ago Highland Park rebranded to put more emphasis on their Viking heritage (well the Isle of Orkney’s Viking heritage). Now they’ve gone and rebranded some more with even more Vikings. This one is supposed to replace the Dark Origins expression which was a non-age stated, very sherried expression with a very cool black design.

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Highland Park 28, Cadenhead’s Wood Range – Wine Cask


I forgot to take a picture when I took down the notes, only had a small sample.

This is an independently bottled malt from Highland Park distillery on the Isle of Orkney, bottled by the veteran bottler W.M. Cadenhead as part of their Wood Range. The Wood Range aims to show off the effects of various casks types on a whisky, this one being matured in a port hogshead for a little under 10 years (couldn’t find info on what it was matured in before that so going to assume refill bourbon).

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Highland Park Earl Magnus


Thanks to Ran for the sample.

An age statement and a story on the same expression, that’s not something we see very much of these days. This was released in 2009 as a really limited bottling, named after a well-liked 12th century ruler of the Isle of Orkney who was betrayed and murdered by his cousin.

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SMWS 4.217 – Nordic Nosh


Though their NAS special releases are little too hit-or-miss for me to want to actually spend money on, I’m always down to try a Highland Park, a solid Island distillery with quite a unique profile that can work with all sorts of things, though more often than not, comes sherried.

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