Ledaig 2005 Carn Mor Strictly Limited


Thanks to /u/gregbenson314 for the sample through /r/ScotchSwap’s Secret Santa on reddit.

This is an independently bottled Ledaig from Morrison and Mackay, an independent bottler labeled under their Carn Mor Strictly Limited range which consists of premium single malts what are not chill filtered.

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SMWS 121.90 Spiced Pear Planter’s Punch (Arran 1999)


An Arran, been awhile since I’ve had one of these (finished by bottle of “The Bothy” a few months back and don’t think I’ve had any since then). A newish distillery, so older expressions are still a bit of a novelty although they’re starting to permeate more and more.

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Talisker Young & Feisty – Provenance


I’ve always been fond of Talisker. A Lovely, characterful malt from the Isle of Skye, I particularly like their 10 year old expression, over and above their older expressions which I feel lose that unique character. Some time ago I attended a Talisker tasting with a brand rep from Diageo’s importer here, and they had brought along a bottle of Talisker new make, mainly just to show what unaged whisky looks like. After some chatting and mild pestering they poured me some of the new make and I found it fantastic. Full of huge smoky character.

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Ledaig 2004 Signatory Vintage


Thanks to /u/buddy_dosser for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit.

One of the best things that ever happened to me was when I first discovered Ledaig. This underrated little malt from Tobermory distillery on the Isle of Mull can hold its own with the most monstrous of Islay’s beasts while still maintaining it’s own unique character.

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Ledaig 2004 The Ultimate


I’m always down for a Ledaig. Sadly it’s not as underrated as it used to be and the prices are starting to reflect that, so best enjoy them while we can. This one was tasted at Whisky Live Tel Aviv in the VIP area. It was bottled by Dutch independent bottler van Wees as part of their ‘The Ultimate’ collection, which range from decent to amazing and are always well priced.

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Jura Prophecy


Originally reviewed on reddit: 31/01/15

For a long time this was a unicorn whisky for me. I had a bottle of the superstition back when whisky was still prohibitively expensive here and I used only keep about 2 bottles on hand and they’d last me for months. On the box it mentioned that there was a more heavily peated expression called Prophecy and I love peated whisky, so I had to try it.

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