Ardbeg Dark Cove Committee Release


Thanks to /u/buddy_dosser for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit

So every year around the time of the Feis Ile, Ardbeg release a limited edition whisky, usually with some kind of interesting finish. There are actually two versions each year, a batch strength committee (Ardbeg’s fanclub) release which is usually for sale at the distillery and to committee members which has a cream coloured label, and a regular edition usually at a lower ABV and a black label which is more widely available. Lucky me as this sample is the committe release.

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Ardbeg 10 Old Malt Cask


One thing I always find interesting is to taste independently bottled whiskies which are similar to their distillery bottled counterparts. This one was bottled by Douglas Laing as part of their premium Old Malt Cask range. I got to try it at Whisky Live Tel Aviv.

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My Islay Trip Part 5 – Ardbeg

A koo

I left off my last post having just finished the warehouse tasting at Lagavulin. As I stepped out of the cozy little shop, it was absolutely pissing down with rain. Luckily I’d come prepared and slipped on my rain suit and set off towards Ardbeg. The next leg of the distillery path was especially beautiful, even with the downpour. I had my headphones on under my hood and was happily whistling along. I even stopped to say hi to some koos.


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Ardbeg Corryvreckan


Originally reviewed on reddit: 07/01/16

This is another non-age stated Ardbeg from the core range and usually goes hand in hand with the sherry matured Uigeadail. This one is matured in bourbon and french oak casks (possibly some wine casks, but they’re quite hush-hush about this). This expression is supposed to focus more on the pure Ardbeg character. Named for a huge whirlpool located off the Scottish coast.

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Ardbeg 10


Originally reviewed on reddit: 27/03/15

I figured that after posting my old Glenmo notes I might as well put up some notes I took on several Ardbegs. Ardbeg sits on the South coast of Islay along with Laphroaig and Lagavulin and puts out a relatively small range of core expressions, this being the most basic of them, but that does not make it a basic whisky at all.

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Ardbeg 1994 Dun Bheagan – Blind


Yet another bottle from our blind tasting competition. Assaf, who organised this whole thing and deserves a huge thanks for all the work he put into it, said that the last few whiskies would be really challenging, and I don’t think it gets more challenging than an independently bottled, older Ardbeg from 2009 that’s no longer available. That’s all part of the fun though and it adds a real element of surprise. A good surprise in this case because even though I guessed wrong, it was bloody delicious.

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