Bowmore 17 SMWS 3.271 The Perfect Cure – BTC 2017 #17


Image pilfered from the SMWS website because I was silly and forgot to take a picture for this one.

I smelled Islay on this right away but it was odd because it was quite subdued in its peat profile, yet obviously cask strength. The only thing that came to mind was one of Kilchoman’s Cask Strength 100% Islay realeses. I didn’t even think about good old Bowmore. Bowmore is quite notorious for having sub-par distillery bottlings but an excellent base spirit, a lot of the damage being done by chill filtration and low ABV and this is an example of just how good the spirit can be if just left to do its thing.

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My Islay Trip Part 2 – Bowmore 

I’d left the day I arrived on the island open just to look around a bit. My flight came in early so my room at the B&B in Port Ellen (Askernish, wonderful place to stay, recommended) wasn’t ready and after walking around the town for I bit I took the bus to Bowmore.

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