Caol Ila Distiller’s Edition 2001-2013


Thanks to /u/nofansky for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit.

This is the Distiller’s Edition of Diageo’s Islay workhorse malt. For those who don’t recall, the Distiller’s Editions are special versions of Diageo’s classic malts which have gone through some kind of special finish to differentiate them from the standard bottlings. This version has been “Double Matured” (the term is usually used instead of “finished” when the period spent in the finishing casks is quite long but no details available so who knows) using Moscatel casks.

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My Islay Trip Part 6 – Bunnahabhain & Caol Ila

Bunnahabhain and Caol Ila are probably the most difficult distilleries to get to on Islay, especially without a car. But Bunnahabhain is one of my absolute favourites and Caol Ila was in the area, and I’m quite partial to it. Caol Ila is doable with public transport as it’s only about a 15 minute walk from the main road where one of the bus lines goes, but Bunnahabhain is quite remote. So I booked a taxi for the trips I needed that day. I used Islay Taxis for all my taxi rides, and they were superb. The taxis were cheaper than I thought and I just ran a tab and paid for everything at the end of my trip.

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My Islay Trip Part 1 – A stopover in Glasgow and a tasting at the Bon Accord


I just recently returned from a trip to the beautiful island of Islay. Islay is a little green island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, and is most well known for being home to 8 whisky distilleries who make some damn fine stuff.

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SMWS 53.233 Fireman’s Gloves on a Mermaid (19 year old Caol Ila)


This is from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s outrun from last month, just like the fantastic Ledaig I reviewed not too long ago. I really love my heavily peated whiskies and the SMWS ones are really the pinnacle of quality when it comes to that. This is the first Caol Ila I’ll be trying from them. Caol Ila is not one of my goto distilleries (for peat that honour goes to Laphroaig and Ledaig), but it has a nice character to it, especially when it’s been aged a little.

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Caol Ila 2001 Maltbarn Bottling


This is an independent bottling of Caol Ila, the largest Islay distillery. A lot of Caol Ila’s stuff goes to making blends, particularly it gives the smoky character to the Johnnie walker blends. There are some fantastic independent bottlings of Caol Ila, however this is the first time I’ll be trying something similar in age to the 12 year old original bottling that serves as the core expression.

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