SMWS 29.188 Cowboy Beans (Laphroaig 17)


Continuing where I left off with my last post, I have got my hands on yet another Laphroaig from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.I’ve actually had this one lying around for quite some time, but was waiting for colder weather to dig into it.

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SMWS 29.186 Spicy Smoky Seaweed Salad- Laphroaig 1999


I can never pass up the opportunity to try a Laphroaig bottled by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. They’re some of the most flavourful and rich whiskies I’ve tried. This particular one is aged 16 years and spent that time in a refill bourbon barrel so it’s really going to be showing off the spirit.

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SMWS 29.180 – An Apothecary Shop on the Shore (16 year old Laphroaig)


I’ve just posted some older notes of SMWS Laphroaig bottlings and now I’m going to finish them off with a new post of sample I got hold of last week. As you may have noticed I try my hardest not to let gems like these slip through my fingers.

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SMWS 29.161 – A Bodega is Burning (14 year old Laphroaig)


Originally reviewed on reddit: 14/01/16

I said I’d be doing this a while back but got sidetracked. I have reviewed a few SMWS Laphroaig in the past and want to put those reviews on here. The SMWS Laphroaig bottlings are simply fantastic and this one was particularly good.

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Malt Mongers Israel Laphroaig Night


I’ve been building up to this by posting all of my previous Laphroaig tasting notes (minus a few SMWS bottlings which I’ll post over the weekend). This past Wednesday night our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel (MMI) met up again at the Milk & Honey Distillery. This time we got to sample some fine offerings from Laphroaig, minus some of the members who were lucky enough to be travelling to Islay for the Feis Ile. Aside from the fine whiskies on offer we also got to have an online Q&A session with John Campbell, Laphroaig’s distillery manager which some of the club members kindly organised. I’m sorry that I can’t share any of the questions and answers, but it happened while we were on the 16 and I was just too busy huffing its fumes to take down what JC was saying.

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