Auchentoshan 2008 Distillery Cask – BTC 2017 #09


And another whisky out of left field. This is not just from the Lowland region, albeit from one of the more well known of the handful of distilleries there, but it is also a bottle hand filled from one of the exclusive distillery casks. This was an incredibly weird whisky, I got a lot of gin-like notes off of it and so I guessed it was a rum cask matured Glen Keith which was the only other whisky I’ve tried that had such a character.

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Cadenhead’s 175th Special Releases

IMG_20171017_193948 1

It’s already made quite a lot of news, but for those who don’t know W.M. Cadenhead, the oldest independent whisky bottler, recently celebrated their 175th anniversary For the occasion they released 6 truly remarkable bottles to be tasted at a set of international tasting events. Unfortunately Israel was not on the list for these events, but fortunately a local whisky anorak and fellow Malt Mongers Israel member, Assaf Errel, managed to get hold of the set of bottles and put on one of the most remarkable tasting I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend.

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Douglas Laing Tasting with Fred Laing


Fred Laing doing his thing.

Sorry about the delay since my last post. I was on holiday in Italy but am back and well rested. Very shortly before I left, to the point that I didn’t have time to write this up, I was invited to a very special tasting event. I recently posted about and evening that our whisky club, MMI had in conjunction with Sipil, a local importer and online retailer, who have recently begun to import Douglas Laing products to Israel, currently the only independent bottler on the market.

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Ailsa Bay


One thing you won’t see very often here is a review of a Lowland whisky. Aside from the fact that there are but a handful of active distilleries in this region, I’m not really a fan of the style. This though showed up on my radar because it is peated, something quite uncommon for a Lowland whisky.

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Glenkinchie 12 – Blind


Another curveball from our blind tasting competition. This is a Lowlands distillery. This is one of a small handful of distilleries in the region, of which I have only ever tried the far more common Auchentoshan. Lowland whisky is pretty much passed over by many people, ideal blind tasting competition material.

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