More Douglas Laing with Malt Mongers Israel


Once again our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel (MMI), met up to try some more whisky, because there sure it a lot of it to try. And once again we tried some Douglas Laing bottlings. DL’s importer here in Israel, SIPIL, has brought in some more bottlings and let us have a preview of them.

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Strathisla 13 Distillery Reserve Collection – BTC 2017 #18


This is the final dram of the 2017 BTC. It’s been a really wild ride and I feel very lucky to have been able to participate in something of this caliber, especially after watching from the side for 2 years. I’ll try to post a write up-about  what I learned from it, but for now onto the whisky.

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Speyside 25 Cadenhead – BTC 2017 #16


This distillery always confuses me. Aside from being one of the less common distilleries from the Speyside region it also carries the same name, so you can’t always be sure if we’re talking about the former or the latter. Anyways I was also confused because this tasted super-duper young, so I went with a young Craigellachie, but it least I bagged some region points.

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Glen Moray 1992 Cadenhead – BTC 2017 #13


Lucky number 13 of the BTC. This one is a vatting of 3 casks from Glen Moray distillery. Yet another one I’m not very clued up on (my preferences tend more towards the Islay/Island side of things), apparently the driving malt behind the Label 5 blend, it sits near Elgin in Speyside (ironically my initial guess it was a Glen Elgin, a nearby distillery named for the town).

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Braeval 2000 Distillery Reserve Collection – BTC 2017 #10


Past halfway now, an awesome competition so far and here’s another total blindsider (for me at least). I think I’ve only tried one Braeval before, and I’m not even sure about it. Braeval is a Speyside distillery owned by Chivas brothers and mainly used in theit blends. This bottling is part of a series of single cask bottlings that Chivas releases to showcase their lesser known distilleries (a la Flora & Fauna). It was quite a thick and oily dram and I went with a bourbon matured Bunnahabhain because there had not yet been an Islay whisky in the competition (little did I know what was coming up next)

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Glenburgie 1995 Archives (BTC 2017 #07)


Glenburgie has been gaining a bit of a following lately and I’ve been on the lookout for some bottlings to try. This particular one was bottled by as part of their ‘Archives’ label (the one with the fish). I missed the boat when it was released and it was on my bucket list for some time. I unfortunately got no points for this one, underguessing the age and ABV by quite a bit.

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Benrinnes 1997 Whiskybroker – BTC #01


Sorry about the fairly long silence, I was on holiday for a week and had a pretty hectic time before that. Anyways, back into things. For the past few years I’ve been following a few friends who have participated in the annual Blind Tasting Competition by the Dutch Usquebaugh Society ( While essentially a Dutch club, the competition is open to participants from many countries. This year I decided to join in.

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Benromach 35


Tasted at a Malt Mongers Israel evening.

So the day after the insane Cadenhead tasting I mentioned in my last post, it was our whisky club’s (Malt Mongers Israel – MMI) scheduled monthly get together. The theme was Benromach. It was kind of a last minute thing we cobbled together from the Benromach range locally available, all of which I’ve reviewed at some point barring the Organic. But as a special treat we also had a special bottle, this 35 year old gem.

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Cadenhead’s 175th Special Releases

IMG_20171017_193948 1

It’s already made quite a lot of news, but for those who don’t know W.M. Cadenhead, the oldest independent whisky bottler, recently celebrated their 175th anniversary For the occasion they released 6 truly remarkable bottles to be tasted at a set of international tasting events. Unfortunately Israel was not on the list for these events, but fortunately a local whisky anorak and fellow Malt Mongers Israel member, Assaf Errel, managed to get hold of the set of bottles and put on one of the most remarkable tasting I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend.

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