Benromach 35


Tasted at a Malt Mongers Israel evening.

So the day after the insane Cadenhead tasting I mentioned in my last post, it was our whisky club’s (Malt Mongers Israel – MMI) scheduled monthly get together. The theme was Benromach. It was kind of a last minute thing we cobbled together from the Benromach range locally available, all of which I’ve reviewed at some point barring the Organic. But as a special treat we also had a special bottle, this 35 year old gem.

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Benromach 2008 Single Cask Bottling for


A few months back a few single cask Benromach bottlings appeared each exclusively bottled for a number of whisky retailers in the Netherlands. This one was bottled for the well reknowned to coincide with their annual Whisky in Leiden festival.

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Benromach Sassicaia 2007


Thanks to Yoav at Whisky Gospel for the sample.

Benromach has no lack of fanboys nowadays and received a lot of attention because of their simply brilliant their 10 year old expressions. But Benromach is by no means a one trick pony and they have a range of interesting expressions, like a heavily peated version, a 5-year-old, an expression made with organic barley and a few that use experimental cask types.

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Benromach 5


Originally reviewed on reddit: 22/07/15

I came across this one by complete chance. In case it’s not clear from the last few posts, I really love Benromach’s stuff, but there is no information on their website about this one, and it’s only available in some European markets. I was pleasantly surprised to see it, and very happy to see an age statement of 5 years so boldly slapped on a bottle. It was also quite cheap (around the 30 EUR mark when I bought it last July) so I figured I’d take a gamble and get it.

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Benromach 15


Originally reviewed on reddit: 14/08/15

Last year Benromach released a 15 year expression to add the their core range and build on the success of their highly praised 10 year old. Given how much I loved the 10 year old I had to try this one too. Thankfully Michael (who is a far more experienced blogger than I) came to the rescue and gave me a sample in exchange for some of my Benromach 5 year old (more on that in the next post).

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Benromach Peat Smoke 2006


Benromach is an interesting distillery. They put out quite a few relatively young, very good and quite affordable expressions. This has built them quite a reputation amongst whisky aficionados despite their relatively low marketing signature. Aside from their core range they have quite a few annually released oddities: some interesting wine cask expressions, an organic malt and this.

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Benromach 10


Originally reviewed on reddit: 07/07/15

This is the new version of the Benriach 10 year old, the core expression from the Gordon & MacPhail owned distillery. It’s won quite a lot of praise over the last year or so. It’s got quite a bit of everything in here, light peat, ex-bourbon casks and ex-sherry casks. It really is a fantastic example of how older is not better.

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